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Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu 


The Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association teaches the traditional eight kinds of weapons as handed down by the late Grandmaster Shinken Taira. These weapons are:


  • Bo, (Kon), Jo Bo, Roku Shaku Bo, Kyu Shaku Bo and Eiku (Suna Kake no Kon)

  • Sai, (also Manji Sai)

  • Tonfa

  • Nunchaku, (also San Chaku)

  • Kama

  • Tekko

  • Tinbe-Rochin

  • Surujin. (short and long Surujin)


In addition, Shuriken (Shingetsu Ryu ) from Fujita Seiko (1898- 1966) is taught and is a good compliment to the necessity to throw both Sai and Rochin in the advanced stages.


A comprehensive and structured system passed down from Sensei Taira and further developed by Sensei Motokatsu Inoue provides 42 traditional and authentic kata with kihon and complete bunkai on a singular technical basis and in renzoku practice.


These weapons are linked in their usage and action and naturally compliment similar open hand techniques. It is essential to understand these links, as this allows progression and continual enhancement in the understanding of bujutsu; each weapon’s strength, weakness, and specialty of deployment


The study is begun with the Bo, being the longest weapon, the system builds the complete sphere of application through each weapon, using them as stepping stones towards the comprehensive approach of being able to use any object as a weapon.

Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu weapons .png
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