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Our rooftop Dojo with views of Har Habit

International Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu conference

Held in the birth-place of karate 

Kumejima, Okinawa - Japan

Japan - the east - since I was a young man, I always dreamed of traveling east. There was something about the martial arts and eastern culture that spoke deeply to my soul. 

This led me to discover the authentic Okinawan martial arts, Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu, and Ushinkia - The group that strives for the sincere training of the body to improve the mind though martial art training, including weapon training and karate.

This life long dream of visiting Japan recently came to fruition when I attended the 11th international Ryu Kyu Kobojutsu conference.

After twenty-five years of training and studying. I found myself on a plane from Israel, bearing the Magan David, Davids shield, the flag of the state of Israel, embroidered on to my Gi ( the karate suit).

A large part of the choice to make Aliya was the realization that only in living in the land of Israel could we fully actualize our potential. 
What I never anticipated was that my life long passion and hobby would become a central component of fulfilling that dream. Before we left South Africa, my Sensai Eddie Jardine, my martial art teacher, encouraged me to become a martial arts instructor, to bring this authentic Okinawan art and Tai Chi Chaun to the Jewish people in Israel. 

Sensai Eddie is not just a teacher but a great mentor of mine. He is one of the few people that I have met in my life that has been able to see me as I am and guide me on the path to actualizing my potential. 

For many years I have believed that my martial arts training was a complementary component to my Teshuva, my return to Hakadosh Baruch Hu's (The unique source of all blessing) Torah and the fulfillment of his mitzvot. This duel part has brought wholesomeness to my life, it has taught me respect, patience, and to engage and embrace every gift of life in this world. 

With Sensai Eddie I merited my 3rd dan in Kobujutsu (authentic weapon training) and Yuishinkai (open hand karate training). Soon after making Aliyah I found myself with the honor of been appointed branch head of Israel. I have started a modest Dojo and slowly one class at a time I am sharing the art of the east together with the wisdom of the Torah. In my dojo, we have created a space to learn and grow. 

On the plane to Japan, Israel being represented for the first time in history, I sat as the Israeli Branch chief, a Rabbi, with an Israeli flag on my arm, a yarmulka crowning my head, a ben Yisrael, a ben Torah. 

Something truly unique and significant . . . to be continued . .

Japan 2019

Kobujutsu on the Okinawan beach

Demostration of Shuji No Kon Sho