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Ryukyu Kobujutsu in "Fighting Sticks" Documentary


"Fighting Sticks" is a documentary on Zulu stick fighting. It was in two episodes and was released for TV in 1983 by the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Much of the video shooting involving the Eastern martial arts was done around 1982 and took place at the original Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai South Africa dojo on Derby Road in Judith's Paarl, Johannesburg. In this excerpt, shihan Edward Jardine explains how in Okinawa everyday tools and implements were used as weapons. This parallels how Zulu migrant workers in the mines could use items they carried with them as weapons for their stick fighting. Also Winkin Leong and Colman Fink can be seen doing the Bo Jugo Kumite drill that is now practiced world-wide by all members of Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai. The Bo Jugo Kumite was created by Inoue Gansho (Motokatsu) o'sensei, the founder of Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai





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