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Our Story

Shihan (master teacher) Eddie Jardine, head of the International Tai Chi Society and SA Yuishinkai Kobojutsu charged Sensai, Rabbi Gary Alon Rogoff to bring the ancient wisdom of the Chinese and Japanese martial art to Eretz Yisrael. 


Shinan Eddie trained and lived with world-famous masters in Japan and China. He has merged the two complementary arts of soft and hard. That teaches the students "rei" respect for self and others  "Kama" good physical and mental posture, control, "zanshin" awareness. To have a healthy and balanced outlook on life. All directed to acquire a healthy mind, body, and soul.


Yuishinkai Kobojutsu & Yuishinkai was founded in the 1940s by the late Japanese martial art grand master Inoue Gansho. The word Yuishinkai mean the group that strives for "earnest and sincere training of the body and improve the mind though martial art training, including weapon training and karate."


While studying the art of self defence students will develop their physical and inner strength together. On this path, our students learn self-confidence,  discipline, respect for self, others and the world around. They will learn

to manage emotions and channel their energy.The physical training

regimen has been designed to lessen the risk of injury, allowing 

students to train throughout their lives, Traditional Okinawan

Weapon training was seen to be as important as empty hand

techniques, to develop self-control and discipline - essential

aspects of a balanced, and healthy lifestyle. Inoue said "zanshin"

awareness was one of the strongest teachings for self-defense.


The supreme ultimate fighting style, Tai Chi Chaun.  

Trains us to connect,  to relax, to align our center. Tai Chi trains

us to understand our oneness and to learn to live in harmony

with the oneness in Hashem ’s Universe. 

It gives an internal massage while stretching, strengthening

and toning muscle. It can be trained by everyone at any age. 

Tai Chi teaches you to be calm and relaxed while interacting

with the grand force of living in the intense modern

land of Israel. 


Both styles teach you to compete against "the most

important opponent you'll ever have to face - yourself. 




Head of Martial Art Studio -Jerusalem 

Rabbi Sensei Alon Rogoff has been training Karate Yuishinkia Karate, Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu weapon training and Tai Chi for 28 years. Over the years of training, he has acquired and embodied the values of this style. He is deeply connected to his Jewish roots and lives as a Torah Jew.  He is a qualified interior designer and in 2006 he received his Simchah from The Sheradi Center in Jerusalem. 


He has synergized the world of the Torah and the word of the martial arts in his own life. The dojo is the safe place in which a person can practice and master the Midot Tovot, good character traits that the Torah teaches. 


As Hanchi Inoue says “The real aim of classical martial arts, is to cultivate "a peaceful, humility, and respect for self and others." It is a method to "meet life" with the awareness to avoid conflict, but "always to be in control, if a conflict is inevitable."


He believes that Israel is ripe to cultivate a new generation of Ben Yisrael, that have embodied the values of Derech Eretz, (the way to intelligently engage this world and others) and excellence. Through this balanced approach, we will emerge to be a true light amongst the nations. 


 North Talpiot 



058- 693- 1844 

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