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Monday & Thursday



Kids Karate & Weapons training class

Register your children to train a martial art that will teach them to develop their physical and inner strength together. Through studying self defence your children will learn Self- confidence, discipline, respect for self, others and the world around him.

Kids Karate & Weapons training class
Kids Karate & Weapons training class

Time & Location

Monday & Thursday


About the Event

Kobojutsu install's in children foundation values that will see them well though out their lives. Todays Israeli youth have a tremendous power that needs to be harnessed and channeled so that they can actualise there God given greatness, Kobojutsu will teach your children to channel this power though principals of respect, balance, self esteem and a development of confidence and inner sence of self worth. In addition to

"Kamae"(posture) means much more than just standing right or conveying a confident demeanour to discourage a possible attack. It includes the right mental attitude necessary to cope with all the challenges of everyday life.

"Zanchin"Awarness not only to anticipate where the next blow is coming from but to avoid conflict. The Ramchal teaches that "Zanchin", Zihorut is the first level of spiritual growth, The trainman will develop a else depends on ones mental alertness and mindfulness.

"Rei" respect


  • Monthly single class ticket

  • Monthly - Two classes




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